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Agro Management / Seedpro Management

Our Package is a full-featured database system is exclusive for Agro field. The full benefits of Fertilizers & Pesticides inputs, Field Visits of the customer’s field staff, day to day updations, Yield Estimations, employee management…etc., automation come to improve your workflow. You can use the software to keep track of all types of Accounts, receipt holder, filing system and, of course, a timeless cash flow administration system. The software features advanced reporting, graph generation, data export, a powerful search engine, full customization and more.

AgroMS and SeedPro MS packages can provide you with, for instance, year end accounts (known as a trial balance) and a precise report of your cash flow. As an entrepreneur wish to getting a meaningful computerized record of standard transactions, we are the only people to provide the complete Inventories, sales, cash flow, VAT, stock control, expiry stock alarming and Accounts.