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Hospital Management(General / Ortho)

Our Package is a full-featured database system exclusive for Hospital. Electronically interface all your machines to your system. The full benefits of Hospital automation will help you to improve your workflow. You can use the software to keep track of all kinds of Patient History, Medicine Stock & Maintenance, Accounts, Receipt, Filing system and, of course, a timeless administration system and it helps you to increase Hospital’s activities. The software features advanced reporting, data export, a powerful search engine.

To run Hospital service you need immediate access to factual and up to date information. At the click of a button you can view all of your maintained reports. There are number of Hospital Management packages (existing random packages), where you have to compromise or need and extra amount to customize and an extra for the training. As an entrepreneur your wish of getting a meaningful computerized record of standard transactions, we are the only people to provide the complete Hospital Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory (Instrumented Data Capturing for Mindray Hematology & Siemens Urine Analyzer Machines) and Accounts.

  • Appointment
  • IP / OP Admission & Discharge
  • Ward & Bed Admission & Transfer
  • Lab admission & Reports

Staff Details
  • Attendance Details
  • Employee Payroll
  • Employee Personal Details
  • Management Information

  • IP/OP Previous & Current Reports
  • Medicals Records
  • X-Ray/Us/Endoscope/Ct etc
  • Stock Reports

Staff Details
  • Hospital Accounts
  • Stock Maintenance
  • Inventory & stores
  • IP/OP Hosp & Pharmacy billing & Receipt Backup