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About Our Team

MicroSpark family has a dynamic and dedicated team of young professionals Working forwards the prime objective of business through Total Customer Satisfaction. MicroSpark's members are identified with a clear analysis on their Technical skills, long-term interest with the company, commitment to quality, understanding the responsibility and outstanding approach towards the assignment. The ever-excelling research and development activities of this team keep us above the rest in the industry.

We call them Tech Wizards, as they take the challenge along with their creative modeling, combined ideas, and futuristic approach for every single step towards their work. These specialized skills are the driven forces from their senior members with the culture adopted within the organization and because of the personalized approach by the management towards the team members. These wizards are very well aware of their growth along with the company & the mutual understanding from the management.


Meet Our Team

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Our Partners

Once our software is operational, the team at IT Works is committed to helping each client continue to improve in its use. Our support staff is available to clients from 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM Monday through Friday and provides long-term customer support by:

  • Answering user questions via tele phone and e-mail
  • Remotely accessing a client's system to troubleshoot problems
  • Providing supplemental training via telephone and remote access software